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Jessey Verkoeijen.jpeg

Jessey Verkoeijen

Incredibly good massage. I've never felt so grounded and peaceful inside.

Marieken Muhren.jpeg

Marieken Muhren

This amazing massage helped me feel at home in my body like never before. Every piece of me felt relaxed, calm and peaceful, waiving like drifting in water. It brought me on an inner journey with beautiful insight. I wish everyone such an experience.


Rachel Schuit

Thank you Sarvesh for releasing so much stress and tension from my body. The effects are still noticeable a few days after! In body and mind.


Leopold Eugen

This experience can offer you a very deep state of relaxation and reflection. If you let go and carry on with the massage you can easily sink into your subconscious mind and reconnect with your higher self. Definitely recommend, 10/10!!!

Veeraya Grigoris.jpeg
Sean Hauser.jpeg

Veeraya Grigorisit

Sean Hauser

Went deep into the feelings, both through the mind and through the body. I left feeling revitalized, less burdened and with some interesting realizations.
Thank you Sarvesh!

Beautiful massage! Sarvesh is a therapist  that cares, takes the time to bring in a conversation about life into the massage therapy. The massage itself is delicate and strong at the same time. More than joyful, for days his massage gives deeper relaxation and concentration.

Ralph de Rijke.jpeg

Ralph de Rijke

Sarvesh is both a strong and sensitive masseur. He quickly locates stress-locked tissues and gives clear attention to them, but he also has an acute awareness of the emotional body and responds to it with great empathy. I recommend him without hesitation.

Verrryyyy Strong massage for letting go of lots of tension!

Quanyin Lovesu

Quanyin Lovesu
Maaike Soetermans.jpeg

Maaike Soetermaans

shyam bala.jpeg

Shyam Bala

Rodrigo Martinez Romero.jpeg

Thank you Sarvesh for this strong and dynamic massage. I felt very at ease in Sarvesh his presence, he has very calm and welcoming personality. It’s nice that he takes some time beforehand to check in with you, so see if you have any special needs. During the massage Sarvesh gives clear guidelines on how to breathe; this is great because it enhances the experience of the massage only more. I enjoyed the contrast of the massage; starting off quite firm and ending with a very gentle touch and guided meditation. Because of the strong touch and conscious deep breathing, I was able to relax very deep when I got to the guided meditation at the end. 
Absolutely a recommendation!

Sarvesh is truly passionate and professional. The experience exceeds well above the fees that are charged. Deep state of relaxation in mind and body!

Rodrigo Martinez Romero

More than a traditional massage therapist, I experienced Sarvesh as a mystical journeyman who embarks on the healing experience of traveling to the state of oneness with the client. The states of joy, fulfillment and freedom were present along this dynamic experience.

Sarvesh is committed. He surrenders. He is passionate about moving with the client beyond the rational configurations to experience inner states of stillness, peace, love, and wakefulness.

The fruits of more than 30 years as an Indian spiritual seeker are instilled in this professional offer which gave therapeutical gifts.

Before starting the massage, we had a conversation where I could openly share not only about physical tensions (at the shoulders), but also emotional struggles and spiritual challenges (such as the brokenness of my willpower or certain wounds related with my childhood).

His deep and respectful listening was key to integrate these insights into the healing experience. His care to play traditional Indian relaxing music, turn candles, use special oils, reverberate the atmosphere with mantras and offer a warm hot lemon tea at the end were very supportive elements.

At the core of the experience was an embodiment practice: a healing meditative journey which was all about trust, surrender, transcendence, quieting the mind, embracing the inner child, deconditioning, breaking free and using the transformational power of conscious breathing.

At the end of the healing experience, I noticed how silent my mind was and how awake my whole being was, displaying insights about what to keep manifesting in my life. I reconnected with my inner fire and recovered the power of my self-authorship. After experimenting Sarvesh's medicine, I received an invitation to embrace my wounds and keep reclaiming my singular solar path of fulfillment and realization. I highly recommend experimenting Sarvesh’s massages for anybody seeking to understand through the body, a spiritual approach to self-realization.

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