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Ayurvedic Core
Integration Massage

Ayurvedic Core Integration Massage is a unique system of Bodywork that works on the principles of Ayurveda, uses different techniques of Acupressure, kneading, etc to work on chronic muscle tension and stiffness in the lower back, and shoulder & focuses on Marma (Energy) points and face muscles to bring relaxation on a deeper level. It is generally a strong massage but is very powerful in bringing Body-Mind balance. This unique comprehensive approach in the work to the body, mind, and emotion helps dissolve physical and emotional blocks, helps remove toxins, promotes correct posture, improves respiratory patterns, enhances energy levels, and leaves the receiver with a profound sense of well-being.


The 60-minute massage focuses on the whole body from head to toe.

The 90-minute massage focuses on the whole body and helps to integrate this benefit with the Inner Core wisdom of the Body-Mind.

60 minutes:- €65/-

90 minutes:- €79/-

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